February 2019 MapGeo Newsletter


February Newsletter

This February brings new videos, tips, tricks, and ideas. We’ll be hosting a webinar on Thursday February 28th at 3pm EST about Opportunity Zones in MapGeo. Learn about how to attract the right type of investment for your opportunity zones. Be sure to register now!

Embrace the Power of Multi-datasets and Themes

Tips & Tricks Series

  • Detail View: Don’t let your preview panel get bogged down with too much information. Learn how to utilize the expanded functionality of the Detail View in this short video.

Have a Brilliant Idea for MapGeo?

Post your idea for MapGeo Users to discuss and vote on. Ideas with the highest votes may be considered for our future roadmap. Share your idea now!

New Privacy Policy and Terms of Service  

We care about transparency and security. The MapGeo team has added a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to each MapGeo site disclaimer so your users can stay informed of exactly what and how data is being tracked through MapGeo.

As always, if you have any questions, please drop us a line at mapgeosupport@mapgeo.io

Yours Truly,

MapGeo Team

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