Learn how to customize branding for your MapGeo site. 

Last updated: June 5, 2020

The Branding tab allows you to change the website name, with the option to include a short name (helpful for mobile) and/or a subtitle. You can also set a path (https url if possible) to a JPEG image of your logo, such as a town seal. If there is a website url you want to include, the logo will link to the website when clicked. You can also choose to change the color theme of your site to one of the available options. 


  • Login credentials for MapGeo Console


  • To access the branding configurations within the MapGeo console, log into the console and navigate to the General tab, and then the Branding tab in the General tab dropdown.

  • Here you are able to configure the Name of the town, which will display on the front-end of your site. You are also able to configure the Short Name, Subtitle, associated Website, and Logo. 

  • You can also configure the color theme of your MapGeo site here. 

  • These options will allow you to customize your MapGeo site and make it look perfect!