Click Edit to configure the Preview Panel. Here, you can change the Name and Header type (none, streetview, or image). You can also configure the information that shows up in the Preview panel. The first field group is the only one that appears by default. It cannot be deleted, but it can be blocked through permissions. Id and displayName are locked fields, but the labels can be edited. Click Add Field to add additional information. Template is populated by the Key field, set within Data Sources. The Key field must be within brackets ({}) when set as a template. Multiple Key fields can be combined when setting a template. Label is what displays on the MapGeo site. You can add additional Field Groups by clicking Add Item with the Preview Panel. Typical groups for Property data include Ownership, Valuation, and Land. You can edit an existing field group by clicking the Edit button.

Create a New Field Group

To create a new field group, set the Name and specify the Data Source. Then, you can set the Group Type (default, table, carousel). You can also choose whether the field group is Initially Collapsed or not.

Under Group Type, select Default if data comes directly from the data source table. Select Table if the data source is not from the set data source table, and you want results displayed in a tabular format. Select Carousel to display the results in a rotating fashion that can be clicked through. When either Table or Carousel is chosen, you have the additional option to Add Filter, with a type option of Field, Intersect, or Distance.

Filters can help display information from other data on your MapGeo site:

Filter Type - Field: Selecting Field will display your selections only when the Source Key and Dataset Key values match.

Filter Type - Intersect: Selecting Intersect will display attribute information from spatial data that intersects the selected geometry.

Filter Type - Distance: Selecting Distance employs a spatial selection based on a radial buffer. Here, you have the option to set your Filter Distance in feet.

For each Field, Label is the customized text that displays on the site. Template calls the Key field from your data sources within {}. The template can also include text, links to images, or URLs. If linking an image or URL, be sure to specify that in Type, otherwise leave this field blank.

You can also add images, click here to watch an instructional video for this feature.