The uploader allows you to refresh your own data on the site as often as needed. Although the Dashboard Uploader allows you to refresh current layers, you can not add new data to the site through the Uploader. Please contact MapGeo Support to add new data to your site after your initial site configuration. 


Here, you can change the latest updated date for Data (properties) and Geometry (parcels). These dates are shown in the website’s Disclaimer. This is also where you can enable the Smart Uploader (which enables the automatic processing of the uploaded data) and the Intersection Table Generator (which allows for the automatic creation of an intersection table for datasets that have join data on the data and geometry tables). 


This is where you can refresh your data. Please make sure that your data contains the required Attribute fields and that these fields contain data. The fields within your data should match those that are currently being called in Data Sources. Any missing required fields or fields with changed names could cause the upload to fail. If the data fields contain all null values, the upload will fail. If your data schema has changed since your last update, please contact [].

Prior to uploading your data, the uploader will run tests to help determine if it can be used on the site. The uploader will confirm that all required fields exist and are populated in the data. Notifications about the data’s status will appear on the screen while the uploader is running these tests. You may receive a “Timeout” message, but the tests are still running and you will receive an email letting you know if the data passed testing and was successfully uploaded to the site or if the upload failed and the errors that caused the failure. While the tests will help ensure data quality, they do not replace your knowledge of your data. It is your responsibility to ensure that all data being uploaded matches the data requirement specifications.