Privacy settings in MapGeo Studio

Learn how to manage the privacy settings of your datasets and visualizations in MapGeo Studio

Last updated: March 18, 2020

Any MapGeo Studio visualization or dataset has privacy settings. These settings allow you to configure the level of access you want other users to have to your data. There are specific privacy configurations that are necessary to use your datasets and visualizations on MapGeo.

To edit the privacy of your dataset or visualization:

  • Enter the specific dataset or visualization from MapGeo Studio Dashboard

  • Once working in the specific dataset or visualization, select the “Edit” button from the top right corner of your screen.

  • From the drop down, select “Change Privacy”

  • A screen will pop up giving you four options for your privacy setting:

    • Private: allows access only for you. You cannot use this setting for data you would like to publish to your MapGeo Viewer because the site will not be able to display it.

    • Password Protected: allows you to configure your password for the dataset or visualization and only users with the password for the data are able to access it. Again, this privacy setting does not work for datasets and visualizations you would like to export to MapGeo.

    • With Link: allows users with shared link to access the dataset or visualization. The dataset privacy should be set to private, while the visualization should be set to “with link.” This is the preferred privacy setting for MapGeo, because it is accessible to the site once the link has been entered into the Dashboard.

    • Public: the dataset or visualization is publicly accessible. 

  • Click “Save Settings” to complete configuration.


Tips and Tricks

  • “With Link” is the preferred privacy setting for sharing data with MapGeo. 

  • If datasets or visualizations are not displaying as expected in MapGeo, double-check their privacy settings in MapGeo Studio. Incorrect privacy settings may be causing the issue.

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