Last updated: March 27, 2020


  • Access to the MapGeo Studio

  • Existing Visualization in MapGeo Studio


Hover and click pop-ups allow MapGeo Studio users to display additional information in their visualizations beyond just using symbology. You may want to keep your visualization straight-forward by symbolizing only on a single field for each dataset, but you can provide additional attribute information by adding fields to pop-ups.

To get started, you will need to open an existing visualization on MapGeo Studio:

  • Choose the dataset in the visualization you would like to add a pop-up to.

  • Select the “Info-window” wizard tab in the Map View.

  • Here, you can choose between click and hover pop-ups. Click pop-ups require a user to select the feature for the pop-up to open. With hovers, the user can just hover over the feature and a pop-up window will display.

  • In either the Click or Hover tabs, toggle on the features you would like to display in the pop-up. You can edit their field titles in the pop-up by selecting the button and type in the title you would like for each field.

  • You can also click the  button to further customize the pop-up by using HTML.


Helpful Hints

  • For stacked feature points, lines or polygons, pop-ups may only display the top layer in the stack. 

  • For features that are very close together, hover pop-ups may be a better choice.

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