Learn how to create a theme in the MapGeo Dashboard.

Last updated: April 3, 2020

A MapGeo theme is the “togglable” map overlay that appears on your MapGeo site. These themes are made up of the individual layer visualizations within the MapGeo dashboard. Themes are composed of up to 5 layer visualizations. 

To create a theme, you will need to access the data view you would like to edit.

  • Select the “Map” tab on the right hand side. 

  • You are able to create a theme by either pressing the “+” next to the “Themes” tab or entering the “Themes” tab and selecting “Add New Theme” in the top right corner.

  • From here, you will name your theme and select the layers to make up your theme from the dropdown menu. Any layers you want to include must already be loaded to the Dashboard. 

  • Order the layers according to your visual preference (the layer at the bottom of the list will draw first, or “above” other themes)

  • You can also change the initial opacity of the theme by moving the sliding bar. 

  • When you have finished making your configurations, press “Submit.” 

  • Please note, your theme is configured in the Dashboard but not yet live on the map view after this step. In order for the theme to appear on the map view, you need to click the “Publish” button, it will turn green once the theme is live.

  • You can also drag the arrows on the left side of the themes to move them up and down in this list. This will change the order in which they appear on the site.

  • If you would like to make future edits to your theme, just click the “Edit” button next to your theme on the “Themes” tab.. Please note, once the theme is published any changes to the visualizations used in a theme will be reflected in the theme automatically, and you will not need to change any configurations within the theme on MapGeo itself.

Tips and Tricks

  • Themes must be in the same order in the theme list as you want them to appear in the Theme Group.

  • The default is about 75% opacity, which is recommended so you are able to see the basemap underneath your theme. 

  • Any changes to the visualizations making up a theme will be reflected in the theme automatically and you do not need to change any configurations within the theme on MapGeo itself.