Learn how to use the Quick Search feature on a MapGeo website.

Last updated: April 6, 2020


  • Access to an internet browser.


The Quick Search feature allows you to search the property dataset generally and quickly, and provide a visual result on the map.

  • For example, we will navigate to the Newton, Massachusetts MapGeo website.

  • Once the page has loaded, you can search any property in several different formats. 

    • The Quick Search will accept a full address, a road or street name, a property owner name, etc. There are many ways to find a specific property. 

  • Enter in any search query into the Quick Search bar at the top right of the page.

  • Once you hit “Enter” or click the Magnifying Glass in the search bar, you will see all matching results to your search query. If we search “school st” in the Quick Search bar, the results should appear as the following:

  • You can also search by name. Here we search for “John.” This will bring up all properties with a data field of “John”. 

  • Once you hit “Enter” on your search, you will see the results panel open below the Quick Search bar, and you can select a search results to open its Property Panel. You can also click “Zoom to Results” and this will set your viewing boundaries to the extent of your search. For example, if you search “Park St” and then click “Zoom to Results,” your map view will zoom into the Park St. properties.

  • If you click “Download Results,” you will be able to download the search results in a spreadsheet format or a mailing label format.