Learn how to adjust your viewing settings on the MapGeo home page.

Last updated: April 9, 2020


  • Access to an internet browser.


Once you have navigated to your MapGeo website, there are a few different ways to view the map content. 

  • You can zoom in and out of the map viewer using the  controls in the top left of the map. You can also double click your mouse to zoom in.

  • If you would like to view the map in “Street View,” you can click and drag the small orange figure to any area of the map. Once you begin dragging, the roads will be highlighted in blue, showing you possible areas to view in “Street View” mode. To exit this mode, click  in the top right corner of the viewer.

  • If you click on several properties, you can do a “Zoom to selected” feature using the  button. Below is an example of this feature.


  • If you would like to view the map full screen, you can click on the button in the bottom right corner. If you would like to exit full screen mode, click this button again.