Learn how to set the map extent for your MapGeo Viewer.

Last updated 4/29/2020


  • Access to the MapGeo Console


Navigate to the General Map settings by selecting Edit Dataset on the Home screen. Then select the General Tab from the Map menu.


The MapGeo Bounds Bookmarklet provides a bounding box that can be easily pasted into the Initial Bounds box. To use this tool, create a bookmark in your browser for the Bookmarklet. Then, pan and zoom to the desired location on your MapGeo Viewer. Be sure that the Search and Preview panels are closed. Click the MapGeo Bounds Bookmarklet in your browser Bookmarks list. A modal window will open with the desired extent. This value can be copied into the Initial Bounds box.

Helpful Hints

  • There are many bounding box tools available online. When setting a bounding box from one of these tools, take care to set the order of the coordinates as configured in MapGeo (swLat,swLong,neLat,neLong). This may require reordering of the coordinates.

  • The Update from Data Button will use the full extent of the Geometry data in the Primary Data Sources Panel

  • The map extent can be set for each Data View. This way the map will zoom to a specific area, fine-tuned to each use case.

  • The Dataset Item Zoom Level, Min Zoom Level and Max Zoom Level can be fine-tuned.