Learn how to configure opt-out properties in MapGeo. 

Last updated: July 14, 2020


  • Login credentials for MapGeo Console

Opt-outs are used to block certain properties from being viewable or selectable. Watch this video for more information!

  • Navigate to a MapGeo site. Log in and open the dashboard using the symbol in the lower left corner of the MapGeo page.

  • Click on “Edit” within the dataset for which you want to create an opt-out. In this case, we will use a Property dataset.

  • Within the Setup tab, click on the Optouts tabs.

  • Type in the property ID which you would like to “opt out” of being visible, and then click “Add Optout”

Tips and Tricks

  • The property ID for the opt out will need to match the property ID in your parcel data table. Therefore, you must enter an existing property ID in order for the property to be opted out.