Learn what data requirements exist for MapGeo!

Last updated: June 4, 2020


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While MapGeo is very flexible, there are certain requirements for data that will be used in the site. All data submitted to the MapGeo implementation team should not need additional processing to display as desired. 


  • Consistent Schema - All data loaded must match the current schema of data in your site. As long as the attributes’ names for the required fields have remained the same, the data will load without issues. 

    • To ensure the validity of data loaded, the Console performs checks on the data before uploading it to MapGeo. 

    • If required fields are missing or are completely null, the data will not load. You will receive an error message indicating the error present in the data.

  • Linking Fields - MapGeo uses an intersection table to link data with a one-to-many relationship. This table can be created using the uploader when uploading data. 

    • Data that needs to be linked with another table or layer must have linking fields calculated. For example, CAMA records that will be linking to parcels, must contain a field that will enable MapGeo to link a CAMA record to a parcel.

    • In order for the application to link individual condo records to a parcel, there must be fields with the unique condo id number and the parcel number to which this record links. The example below shows an example of how multiple condo records link to the same parcel. 

  • In this example, the field gislink points all the condo records back to a parcel with the id “091 773 302”. The propertyid field shows the unique id for each condo. This ensures that the application can find each property that is associated with the parcel.

Helpful Hints

  • Site set-up services are available for purchase, if you have not already done so. Please contact the MapGeo team for more information.