Spatial IQ for MapGeo is a program that provides you services to help you grow your GIS program and be successful on your MapGeo platform. To streamline the contracting process we have consolidated quotes and invoicing for MapGeo and Spatial IQ.  Spatial IQ for MapGeo is an annual subscription, and it includes the products and services defined in the quote that we provided to you.


We understand that every local government has different budgetary requirements and are happy to discuss any special circumstances or requests regarding quotes or invoices.


The following is a timeline of the communications you can expect from us on a recurring annual basis (using FY21 as an example):


  • July (2020) - invoice for the Spatial IQ for MapGeo subscription goes out for FY (2021). This invoice will include lump-sum (firm fixed price) items only, i.e., MapGeo Subscription Tier fee and Spatial IQ for MapGeo Subscription Tier fee. You are not being invoiced at this time for the quoted Special Projects budget items included in your quote.
  • Monthly - invoice for any labor spent against your Special Projects (T&M) budgets for that billing month.  We only invoice for what has been spent each month out of the total T&M budget that you committed to by signing the quote.  
  • September/October (2020) - quote for the following FY (FY2022) goes out.  You can use this quote for your budgeting process.  The quote will mimic the previous FY but we can always discuss any changes.
  • April/May (2021) - final quotes go out for the upcoming FY (2022).  Once we receive signed quotes, that is your commitment to renew your subscription for the upcoming FY and we will plan to continue our services and prepare to invoice in July (2021).