MapGeo November 2022 Newsletter

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MapGeo November 2022 Newsletter


Iredell County, North Carolina as seen from McCrary Access Area

Iredell County is the latest municipality to launch a MapGeo site.


We're excited to share MapGeo announcements with you!

Introducing the latest MapGeo Site - Iredell County, North Carolina!

Iredell County, North Carolina (pronounced eye-ra-dell) has chosen MapGeo as their countywide GIS parcel viewer. Located just north of Charlotte, Iredell County is home to Lake Norman — the largest man-made lake in North Carolina. The largest town and county seat, Mooresville, is known as “Race City USA''. Mooresville is home to numerous NASCAR drivers and teams, as well as the headquarters of Lowe’s Home Improvement.


Iredell County came to AppGeo with a fairly complex set of requirements for a new map viewer for their county constituents. They sought to improve upon many features from their existing viewer; including enhanced buffering capabilities, improved aerial imagery streaming, and greater accessibility to CAMA data. The selection of MapGeo as a parcel viewer fit perfectly with the county’s requirements and allowed for a more robust and easier-to-understand experience for users. 


Iredell County was pleased to hear that MapGeo would facilitate easy uploading of data and allow for remote access to the platform. MapGeo’s robust, parameterized URL structure allowed for easy redirection from an existing county page to a very specific parcel or set of parcels. MapGeo also overhauled the process of downloading tax data from one or more parcel’s attributes — creating a much more efficient process for assessors and alike.


In a short period of time, Iredell County has become one of our most visited MapGeo sites by traffic volume! Check out the new Iredell County MapGeo! In the next section, we are going to share some helpful information on getting your site seen by more of your closest constituents. 


Get more information out to your constituents!

Almost every department has something to display on MapGeo! Although MapGeo is most commonly listed on the Assessor, GIS, and planning homepages, another creative way to link to MapGeo is by including a MapGeo link directly to a view of a particular overlay theme or data view. While using MapGeo, you will notice that the URL dynamically changes depending on what you are viewing. All of these dynamic links are sharable, and can be used to better communicate with your constituents.  For example:


Interested in detailed interior mapping or drone mapping?


Thanks to all who showed up on October 20th for the most recent Spatial IQ for MapGeo educational series webinar! We had a great time presenting with special guest BIMstream on mapping buildings inside and out!  Check out the recording here to learn about all the great use cases for developing these rich datasets. 


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Know a nearby community that you think would like MapGeo, or ready to try MapGeo for yourself? For a limited time, we are offering a 50% discount on a new MapGeo implementation. Visit our pricing page to learn more. 

P.S. - Interested in having your city or county spotlighted in a MapGeo newsletter? Get in touch with our Spatial IQ team or reply directly to this email.


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PS Have you checked out our MapGeo Support Portal? Head to the portal for tips, tricks, and ideas on ways to expand your MapGeo site.

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