March 2023 MapGeo Newsletter

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MapGeo March 2023 Newsletter 

Rocky Mount Mills: (Photo Credit: The Greenes Photo & Films)

Nash County, North Carolina is the latest municipality to launch a MapGeo site. 


We're excited to share MapGeo announcements with you! 

Introducing a new MapGeo community - Nash County, North Carolina!

Hi Laura,

Nash County, North Carolina has chosen MapGeo as their countywide GIS parcel viewer!


Located just east of Raleigh, North Carolina, Nash County’s largest city, Rocky Mount, is known for having some of the best hospitals in the region. The county seat of Nashville was founded in 1784 (over 20 years before Nashville, Tennessee). Each spring, the Nashville Blooming Festival is held and is a major event for the town. The main street is blocked off for carnival rides, vendors, and local business participation. The small town of Bailey, NC is home to the Country Doctor Museum, the oldest museum in the U.S. dedicated to the history of rural healthcare.


Nash County’s site features three data views for searching Parcels, Address Points and Road Centerlines, which are customized base maps, and is implementing automated refreshes of the site’s spatial data.


Visit the Nash County MapGeo Site


Spatial IQ for MapGeo Overlay Themes - Useful Demographic Information from 2020 Census Data


AppGeo is excited to announce that we have launched another round of new, insightful overlay themes for MapGeo websites! These new overlays tell compelling stories and provide useful demographic information from the 2020 Census for the municipalities that are participating in AppGeo’s Spatial IQ for MapGeo Managed Services program, the “Building” and above Tiers. Examples of the 2020 Census overlay themes are shown below:

  • 2010-2020 Population Change - shows the percentage change in population at the census block level, revealing where pockets of growth are occurring. Knowing growth patterns can help with transportation, public works, public safety, recreation, zoning, and school district planning.
  • 2020 Population - shows the number of residents reported by the 2020 Decennial Census at the census block level.

New! MapGeo Census Overlay Themes


The End of The Fiscal Year is Coming Soon!


If you have any remaining budget that needs to be used by June 30th, consider implementing a MapGeo add-on such as these new Census themes, new data views, EagleView widget, or the CAMA Uploader. Contact MapGeo support for more information.


If you also have a Spatial IQ for MapGeo subscription with “special projects” support, remember to talk to your Project Manager soon about how to get the most value from that investment before the end of the fiscal year.


Migration to Esri's ArcGIS Pro from ArcMap


As you have likely heard, Esri’s ArcMap is being retired in March 2026. ArcGIS has evolved into a modern suite of apps – ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online and Portal, ArcGIS Field Maps, ArcGIS Story Maps, ArcGIS Enterprise, and many others. As an Esri Silver Partner, we have already started switching over to ArcGIS Pro and will be migrating all client data that we maintain/edit on your behalf to Pro over the next year. We understand that not all clients utilize Esri products, but for those that do, we encourage you to reach out to your Project Manager to have a conversation about the migration and how this could impact any current software that uses GIS; whether it’s in-house desktop GIS programs, 3rd party vendor products that integrate your GIS data, or processes that rely on scripts or other functions of ArcMap.


Do More with Your MapGeo!


Check out a new theme that Watertown, MA has configured on their MapGeo site to be more transparent about their active construction around town. We recently worked with the City to develop a workflow to maintain their new theme on a weekly basis with up-to-date data. This MapGeo theme utilizes planned construction notifications, produced by the City’s Department of Public Works, to display an active visualization of all the construction work being performed around the City for that given week.


Watertown, Massachusetts' new Active Construction Theme


The Active Construction Theme is updated at the start of each week to give citizens and City Planners a quick reference and visual guide on what construction is occurring and where. In addition to displaying the active construction work on MapGeo, an extensive list/dataset of the previous work is being cataloged from the theme. This is producing a robust and in-depth look at the previously completed work since the theme's inception. This on-going dataset can be leveraged by City officials to highlight all the construction work done in order to identify areas of high maintenance as well as areas that could use improvement later.


Upcoming Spatial IQ for MapGeo Education Webinar


Join us Thursday, March 30, 2023 @ 1:00 pm (EST) as we discuss the benefits and use cases of having a high-quality Desktop Review tool at your fingertips with your MapGeo subscription. Can you use your time better while at your desk using your imagery and asset GIS data to answer your questions? Maximize the usefulness of the data that you have available from your computer rather than spending unnecessary time in the field or searching through archives. Need to look for building improvements or changes? Or asset characteristics? Use your desktop review tool instead of traveling to the location and back - it can all be done at the click of a button!


Missed our last webinar?
On January 13th, we held a webinar all about address points called, "A Point for a Place". If you are interested in learning more about GIS-based address data, check out the recording here.


Renewals for the New Fiscal Year - MapGeo and Spatial IQ for MapGeo


For the upcoming renewals, MapGeo-only subscribers will receive an invoice for their subscription renewal as detailed in last year’s quote. Spatial IQ for MapGeo subscribers should sign and return their quote and/or send a purchase order. Please note that your project manager will soon be sending out updated quotes to include our new Sanborn + AppGeo company information (if you haven’t heard, AppGeo is now a division of The Sanborn Map Company, Inc.). If you need a copy of your quote or an updated version, please reach out! Also, please let us know if you have any special invoicing needs to help you close out this fiscal year.


P.S. - Interested in having your city or county spotlighted in a MapGeo newsletter? Get in touch with us or reply directly to this email. 



Your friends at AppGeo

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