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June 2023

We're excited to share MapGeo news with you! 

This quarter's MapGeo Community Spotlight - The City of Yukon, Oklahoma!

Route 66 mural at the Yukon Mill & Grain Company (Photo credit: City of Yukon)

Nestled just west of Oklahoma City, you will find a city that “has everything,” yet still has that small town feel. That city is Yukon, Oklahoma — who’s population of about 40,000 is concentrated on the south banks of the North Canadian River (or just Canadian River for short). Informally known as the Festival Capital of Oklahoma, Yukon is home to one of the largest and oldest annual Czech festivals in the country. Other festivals include the Yukon Freedom Fest, and the Chisholm Trail Festival — which celebrates the great Texas cattle drives (the largest migration of livestock in history).  


Yukon was originally home to a buffalo trace, which is a cluster of paths that became the precursor to modern-day roads such as Route 66, which runs directly through the heart of Yukon. Even though Route 66 may not be traveled quite as often in some places, that doesn’t mean Yukon’s best days are behind them. The City of Yukon has adopted the mantra of “Yukon’s Best”, a tribute and play on the words “Yukon’s Best Flour”, which can be seen from miles away on the historic flour mill that still stands on Route 66. Speaking of Yukon’s Best, Yukon is also home to one of the greatest country singers of all-time in Garth Brooks, who has called Yukon, “The best place to grow up in the whole world.”


How Yukon is Putting MapGeo to Work


The City of Yukon implemented their MapGeo site in March of 2018. For the past 5 years, they have continued to expand their site with additional and interesting new themes. While they have many of the standard datasets like parcels, addresses, zoning, districts, wards, floodplains, and land use; they also have sewer and water utilities available to the public on their MapGeo site. Some of the unique themes they have added to their site are sanitation route areas (trash collection by day), school districts, snow plow routes, and subdivisions. The subdivision theme has been configured with a pop up with a link to the City’s website to the original subdivision map!

Yukon Property
Yukon’s subdivision theme on MapGeo with the pop up to the link to the City’s subdivision map.

"We hear from our customers that having the interactive map available on our website helps them with accessing data.  You are able to see the Plats and parcel information.  It has truly given the end user a lot of data right at their fingertips.” - Mitchell Hort, Yukon Planning Dept

Special Introductory Pricing

Is your community looking to switch platforms or know a nearby community that you think would like MapGeo? For a limited time, we are offering a 50% discount on a NEW MapGeo implementation for those who are switching from an existing platform with well-structured data. What does well-structured mean? Reach out to our Sales Team at mapgeosupport@mapgeo.io for more information.

MapGeo Enhancements


The MapGeo servers were recently upgraded which included some backend enhancements for improved site performance and stability. As part of the upgrade, the map tile rendering performance was improved. Additionally, the client-side Uploader has been updated to meet higher requirements and will be rolled out in late June to customers with the installed Uploader.


Did you know? We Provide Buildings Change Detection! 

ChangeDetection2 (1)

Identifying how structures have changed over time is a key component of assessing and permitting responsibilities.  Wouldn’t it be helpful to have access to a changed buildings theme in MapGeo? As part of our suite of aerial imagery services, we can not only generate building outline data but we can also detect buildings change between imagery vintages.

Whether you already have building outlines or not, we can help. Learn more about our change detection analysis process flow here: https://www.sanborn.com/change-detection-analysis-process-flow/. Please contact us to discuss how we can support your change detection needs.


Linking to Open Gov & Zoning Hub


 Open Gov (Viewpoint Cloud) permit linking with MapGeo is now available! Simply select a parcel in MapGeo and click on the permits link (boxed in red in the image below). The link will bring you directly into your Open Gov site showing all the permits associated with that parcel. Similarly, Zoning Hub linking is also available on MapGeo! Just select a parcel in MapGeo and then click on the Interactive Zoning link (boxed in blue in the image below) to view that parcel within your Zoning Hub site. If you have either of these products and would like to implement the integration please contact us. 


Assessors Map Themes


In addition to displaying your core assessing data, you can also visualize specific CAMA information on MapGeo. We have developed several new Map Themes that visualize assessing data on the map. Choose from specially priced packages of themes that visually display data to easily identify patterns and trends.

Examples Include:

  • Price per Sq Ft
  • Last Sale Year
  • Last Sale Price
  • Year Built
  • Current Assessed Value
  • Building Condition
  • City Owned Parcels
  • Neighborhoods
  • Tax Yield

Spatial IQ Quarterly Educational Webinars



Join us for our upcoming webinar tomorrow, Thursday, June 15 @ 2:00pm EST  to see some great cartographic visualizations that AppGeo has created for customers to showcase their data in powerful ways. 

Register for the webinar here

If you have missed any of our past webinars, check out the recordings here to learn about all the great use cases for applying geospatial technology to improve your every day operations.


Closing out the Fiscal Year 


Let us know if you have any special invoicing needs to help you close out the fiscal year. If you have any remaining budget that needs to be used by June 30th, consider implementing a new MapGeo add-on such as new themes, new data views, EagleView widget, or the Data Uploader. 


Renewals for the New Fiscal Year 

 Reminder! MapGeo-only subscriptions will be automatically renewed (you will simply receive an invoice).  Spatial IQ for MapGeo subscribers should sign and return the quote they previously received and/or send a purchase order by June 30th.  If you need a copy of your quote or an updated version, please reach out! 

Schedule your Spatial IQ Strategic Meeting in the new Fiscal Year


For Spatial IQ for MapGeo customers, with the new fiscal year almost here, it will be time to schedule your annual strategic planning meeting.  Meet with your project manager to review action items discussed last year and set up a game plan to grow your Spatial IQ for the year ahead. 

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P.S. - Interested in having your city or county spotlighted in a MapGeo newsletter? Reply directly to this email to let us know.



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