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October 2023 


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This quarter's MapGeo Community Spotlight - Weymouth, Massachusetts! 

Weymouth’s Town Hall was originally built as a replica of the Old State House in Boston 


Just a short ferry or train ride from Downtown Boston to thenearby South Shore, you’ll find theTown of Weymouth, Massachusetts  — which hasvery city-likepopulation of over 57,000 residents. Weymouth is in fact a town of four Villages (North Weymouth, Weymouth Landing, East Weymouth, and South Weymouth). Instead of having one downtown, Weymouth has four distinct centers of business. In addition to these villages, three of the Boston Harbor islands are in Weymouth (Grape Island, Slate Island, and Sheep Island). 


Weymouth is the birthplace and childhood homeof Abigail Adams,closest advisor and wife to the 2nd U.S. President John Adams, and mother to the 6th President John Quincy Adams.Weymouth is the second-oldest settlement in Massachusetts second only to Plymouth. Some other notable connections to Weymouth include that of Booker T. Washington, who owned a summer home on Main Street, and Maria Weston Chapman — an American abolishionist and lifelong Weymouth resident.  


How Weymouth is Putting MapGeo to Work 


Weymouth recently made a seamless transition upgradingtheir parcel viewer to MapGeo. The implementation, supported by the MapGeo Support team, stayed on schedule and within budget.  

MapGeo has generated positive user feedback and renewed engagement in GIS within the town, and Weymouth expectsMapGeo will fit in well with the town's future needs. 

Town GIS Administrator, Garrett Walsh had some positive comments on MapGeo: 


“Like other communities who have invested time and resources in legacy systems, there was some hesitation here in Weymouth to move away from our 20 year old parcel viewer.  We needed an affordable solution that could simultaneously leveragenewtechnologies while preserving some of the custom functionality from our old viewer that our users depended on for their daily tasks.  The decision was made to go with Sanborn/AppGeo’sMapGeosolution. After an initial meeting with theMapGeoimplementation team, we set an ambitious timeline that would allow for a seamless transition before our existing licensing for our legacy system expired. 

TheMapGeoonboarding presentation and implementation survey created the framework, and from there it was a simple matter of uploading the required data. The implementation team was clearly very capable. They were very responsive to my requests throughout the process and were able to include the custom functionality we wanted.  Their familiarity with local CAMA vendors and regional GIS data made for a very quick turnaround.   

The initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and created a renewed engagement in ‘all things GIS’.  I expect we will have some fresh ideas for how to grow ourMapGeosite as we continue to use it and I have no doubt theMapGeoteam will be able to assist us.” 



Weymouth’s Land/Zoning Regulations and Zoning Permitted Uses website are linked within the property panel of MapGeo for quick access. 


Spatial IQ Quarterly Educational Webinars 

Thank you to those who were able to attend last months webinar to learn about MapGeo and its general functionality, along with some additional tips and tricks you might not have known were possible. The recording of this webinar has been posted to our library.  

If you have missed any of our past webinars, check out the recordings here to learn about all the great use cases for applying geospatial technology to improve your every day operations.  

Special Introductory Pricing 

Is your community looking to switch platforms or do you know a nearby community that you think would like MapGeo? For a limited time, we are offering a 50% discount on a NEW MapGeo implementation for those who are switching from an existing platform with well-structured data. What does well-structured mean? Reach out to our Sales Team at mapgeosupport@mapgeo.io for more information.  

Linking to Open Gov & Zoning Hub  

Open Gov (Viewpoint Cloud) permit linking with MapGeo is now available! Simply select a parcel in MapGeo and click on the permits link (boxed in red in the image below). The link will bring you directly into your Open Gov site showing all the permits associated with that parcel. Similarly, Zoning Hub linking is also available on MapGeo! Just select a parcel in MapGeo and then click on the Interactive Zoning link (boxed in blue in the image below) to view that parcel within your Zoning Hub site.  If you have either of these products, or something similar, and would like to implement an integration please contact us.  


Annual Spatial IQ for MapGeo Overlay – EPA Food Opportunities 

This year’s Spatial IQ annual MapGeo overlaypresents layers from the U.S. EPA Excess Food Opportunities Map that supportsthe diversion of excess food from landfills. It displayslocations of potential generators and recipients of excess foods, including farmer's markets,anaerobic digestion facilities, composting facilities, and food banks. Take a look at this new overlay theme onyour MapGeo site to learn more about the resources and facilities available in your area! 



Updated State Themes 

The MapGeo team has been working on updating exisitng state overlay themes for all our clients.  

Some themes that are in the process of  being updated are: 

  • Natural Resource Protection 

  • Water Resource Protection 

  • Hurricane Inundation 

  • Land Conservation 

  • Wetlands 


FYI for Connecticut clients, the state recently flew new ortho imagery and that is expected to be available this winter, along with an updated buildings layer (buildings over 100sqft). Once the data is available, we will be adding that to your MapGeo site, free of charge. If other states have more recent imagery that is available via an OGC compliant service (i.e., WMS, WMTS), please let us know and we will add the imagery to your site.  

MapGeo and Spatial IQ Subscription Renewals  

The next budget planning cycle is coming up and will be here before we know it.  We will be offering a 15% discount (5% per year) when you sign up for a 3-year subscription renewal contract. If you are interested in thisdiscounted offer please contact us.  


P.S. - Interested in having your city or county spotlighted in a MapGeo newsletter? Reply directly to this email to let us know.  



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