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Create an Accident History Dashboard

If you have access to location based data you can display, analyze and share it.  One way of doing all that in one place is using Dashboards.  During the pandemic we have all become familiar with dashboards especially with the now heavily used Johns Hopkins University COVID Dashboard.  Local governments are implementing dashboards for a variety of use cases from tracking capital improvement projects, for running operations and more.

AppGeo recently created a dashboard for the Town of Acton MA where we used data extracted from their accident reporting system.  It will be critical in answering questions like which intersections are the most dangerous?  Which month do the accidents take place in?  How many accidents are there across town in a year?  A dashboard can help you see patterns, drive decisions, and make improvements - in this case towards lesser crashes.

See an example of a Fatal and Serious Injury Dashboard.  If you have access to the data let us know and we can set one up for you.

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