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Map your Cemeteries

Maintenance of local cemeteries typically falls on the local governments.  AppGeo has worked with multiple local governments in Massachusetts and Connecticut (Andover, Dedham, Taunton, Acton, and Manchester in MA and West Hartford in CT to name a few) to develop GIS data for their cemeteries and built applications for maintaining the cemeteries and querying the cemetery data. 

Scanning and digitizing plans

The project starts with scanning and digitizing cemetery plans and capturing as much information as is available on the plans - this could include sections, lots, owner information, burial information, etc.  Cemeteries either have tabular data with owner and burial information or that information is stored in cards.  

Reconcile with tabular data

The captured GIS data is reconciled with the tabular burials data to create a complete cemetery GIS database.

Manage data in an application

This data is then managed through a cemetery application.  AppGeo has built custom web applications for Acton and Taunton, MA.  Cemetery staff can maintain the cemetery data using the application.

View and query data on MapGeo

AppGeo has also worked with clients who have our MapGeo product to view and query their cemetery data through a data view.

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