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Perform a Build Out Analysis

What is a Build-Out Analysis?

A build-out analysis helps to visualize and project the development potential under current zoning.  This sort of analysis helps a community understand if their zoning regulations are in line with its expectation of the future of the community.   A build-out analysis answers basic questions: If existing zoning remains unchanged, how much land might ultimately be developed? At what density and where? And with what impact on the community?

Build-out analyses can be a constraint driven block-by-block build out analysis.  It can be set up as an iterative processes in which multiple spatial overlays are built up ultimately resulting in a constraints map.  It can also include other themes that portray the compatibility of existing uses and potential future uses within the Town’s current zoning regulations. 

We performed a build out analysis for Lincoln, RI in support of the Town’s update of it’s Comprehensive Plan.


Screenshot showing lots in Lincoln RI that are at least 2 times the acreage requirements of 

the zoning regulations. This data theme was presented to the town using its MapGeo website

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